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Licensed to Grill - (1997) - $15
Features such hits as Jury Jive, Mr. Foreman, Reversed and Rendered, Go on and Lie, Appointed Forever, Longest Time, Three Wise Judges, and many more!

MP3 Audio Samples:

Appointed Forever
Mr. Foreman
Reversed and Rendered

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Grilling Me Softly - (2000) - $15
Includes audience favorites I'm Billing Time, Puff for My Class Action, Kiss It Goodbye, Mandatory Pro Bono, The Jury Sleeps Upright, Contingent Fee, and many more!

MP3 Audio Samples:

Court TV
Puff For My Class Action
Up on the Bench
Kiss It Goodbye

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A Time to Grill - (2004) - $15
Includes the classics Man of Constant Workload, Judicial Retirees, Ethics Trouble, The Longest Time, Defending P.I. and lots more!

MP3 Audio Samples:

Man of Constant Workload
Defending P.I.
Bill Me Anytime

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Legends of the Travis County Bar Video - (2002) - $15

Are you a History Buff?
Did you know that TCBA's first president was arrested for instigating a gunfight in the Driskill Hotel? Or that Roe v. Wade was argued by TCBA member Sarah Weddington? Do you know when the first African-American was admitted to the Bar? These stories and many more are highlighted in Legends of the Travis County Bar, a video and timeline chronicling the Bar's rich and colorful history.

Travis County Court House 1930

Austin Bar Offers Limited Edition Courthouse Print
Renowned Austin artist Mary Doerr has added the Travis County Courthouse to the many local landmarks enlivened through her paintings. To benefit Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas, the Austin Bar Association is selling 500 of the Courthouse prints, signed by Doerr. Each print is $50, with $40 directly benefiting legal services to the poor.

**All Austin Bar members will receive a 10% discount when framed by Mary Doerr's studio, Images of Austin.

Bar & Grill Videos and DVDs
(1999, Vol.8; 2000, Vol.9; 2001,
Vol. 10; 2002, Vol. 11; 2003, Vol. 12)
$20 each

Footage of the live performances.

Bar & Grill 12 - SOLD OUT features the tunes Old Time HardBound Law, I'm the One That You Want and Law Degree.

Bar & Grill 11 includes such hits as Lawsuitti Frivolutti, Stamp and Man of Constant Workload.

Bar & Grill 10 - SOLD OUT
Captures the "Best Of..." performance with skits and songs from the previous 9 years.

Bar & Grill 9 includes Judicial Retirees, Greenbacks and Slam, and Don't Change Your Tires.

Bar & Grill 8 - SOLD OUT features such favorite skits as Marvin Khan: Mongolian Mediator, Henry VIII's Divorce Lawyer, and Crazy Little Thing Called Law.

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