February 23, 2015

Austin Bar Releases Results of Judicial Evaluation Poll

AUSTIN, TX – The Austin Bar Association recently completed its biennial Judicial Evaluation Poll. The results represent the evaluations of 44 area judges by 423 Austin Bar members. Results can be viewed by downloading the 2015 Judicial Evaluation Summary.

The Austin Bar Association has conducted its Judicial Evaluation Poll periodically since 1978. In 2005, the Bar established a policy of conducting the poll every two years. The poll gives Travis County attorneys an opportunity to evaluate the performance of area judges — from justices of the peace to federal district judges — with the results released to the public as a community service.

“The opinions of attorneys are especially useful in evaluating the performance of judges.  No other group can observe the judiciary from the same vantage point or with as much expertise,” states DeLaine Ward, Executive Director of the Austin Bar Association. “The Judicial Poll is a resource the Austin Bar Association is proud to provide to the community.”

How the poll was conducted:

Respondents were asked to evaluate each judge with five questions (six for appellate and federal judges), then rate them choosing from the terms “Excellent,” “Acceptable,” “Need Improvement,” and “No Opinion.” The questions for each judge were:

  1. Is this judge hard working?
  2. Is this judge impartial?
  3. Does this judge correctly apply the law?
  4. Does this judge display proper judicial temperament and demeanor?
  5. How would you describe this judge’s overall performance?
  6. Does this judge issue timely opinions of good quality? (not applicable to all judges)