June 12, 2015

Austin Bar Foundation to Offer a Scholarship for LGBT and Ally Law Students

The Austin Bar Foundation will soon offer a scholarship to LGBT law students and allies of the LGBT community.

The purpose of the scholarship is to defray the cost of tuition for qualifying Texas law students.  Applicants must be enrolled at a law school in Texas and must have demonstrated some commitment or contribution to the LGBT community or LGBT legal issues.  This will be broadly construed to include anything furthering the Austin LGBT Bar Association purposes of promoting education on issues relating to LGBT law, raising the profile and acceptance of LGBT individuals within the legal community, and promoting LGBT equality (for example, working with a nonprofit organization on LGBT issues, mentoring LGBT youth, or publishing articles on LGBT issues). The selection committee will also consider financial need.

The Austin LGBT Bar Association will be in charge of raising donations for the Austin Bar Foundation LGBT scholarship program.

Donations for the scholarship will be made to the Austin Bar Foundation and earmarked for the scholarship. The Austin Bar Foundation will provide the ability to check scholarship fund balances, contributions, and distributions. Anyone who makes a donation will receive a nonprofit tax deduction form.

The Austin Bar Foundation and the Austin LGBT Bar Association will develop a scholarship application.  The Austin Bar Foundation will receive submitted applications.

A selection committee will meet annually to determine which students receive awards. The committee will include seven members: four appointed by the Austin Bar Foundation and three appointed by the Austin LGBT Bar Association.