July 20, 2015

The Value of Pro Bono Services for Building and Maintaining a Law Practice

By Joe Gagen

Judge Todd Wong of Travis County Court at Law #1 spoke at the wong1Solos Supporting Solos’ July meeting on the value of pro bono services to building and maintaining a law practice. The judge was a solo practitioner before joining the bench in January. He is a board member for Volunteer Legal Services of Central Texas.

He urged the attendees to consider taking cases from VLS and cited several benefits:

1. It is a great way to learn a new area of the law. VLS provides mentors when needed and the experience can lead to a new practice area.

2. It is consistent with many Solos’ desire to help others.

3. It provides access to the legal system to those that cannot afford it, something that we, as attorneys, must support.

4. And finally, the judge said it was his belief that the respect and stature of those attorneys that make pro bono cases a part of their practice is enhanced within the legal community.

For information about volunteering, go to http://www.vlsoct.org/.

Solos Supporting Solos meets every third Thursday at 7:30 am at Café Express in North Lamar. No RSVP is required and all solo practitioners are invited.