August 12, 2015

Member Spotlight: Meet Dvorah Benmoshe

How long have you been a member of the Austin Bar and what is your favorite thing about the organization?
I have been a member of the Austin Bar since 2013. My favorite thing about the Austin Bar are the wonderful mDvorah Ben-Moshe Headshotembers. The lawyers I met through the Austin Bar are friendly, helpful, and encouraging. I was impressed with their warmth, generosity, and welcoming spirit. This group of lawyers rock!

What do you like most about being in the legal field?
I feel most privileged to help people navigate the legal system. Currently, my practice area is with Estate Planning and helping families care for themselves and their loved ones. I understand my legal role as a problem solver and counselor.

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you be?
So many things … director, an actress, a diplomat, journalist, playwright – the list is endless.

What’s the craziest job (other than lawyer) that you’ve had?
I helped to create, co-write and co-produce a news and information program, ACCESS News, that aired on KLRU for two years. – that was great fun! I also worked in the baby house on a kibbutz in Israel for two years.

If you were a character in a movie or a TV show, which character would you be?
Olivia Pope from Scandal.

As part of the #austinbarinaction campaign, how are you making your world a better place to be?
I am working with the Texas School for the Deaf with advocacy issues, such as Deaf Awareness Week in September.

Could you share a specific story about a person you interacted with and helped in  your role as an attorney?
As an Attorney Ad litem for the probate court, I represented an elderly retired doctor with memory loss in a contested guardianship case and help him through a difficult and confusing process. Because of my involvement with the deaf community, I have a son who is deaf, I can communicate with my clients in their native language, American Sign Language (ASL).