January 14, 2016

State Bar of Texas Provides Resources on Closing a Law Practice

The State Bar of Texas has an updated web page to address the issues of closing a law practice. The page can be found at texasbar.com, in the resources section under the heading “for lawyers”.

The materials on the website are provided to help Texas attorneys plan and prepare for events that could render them unable to practice law, and to help Texas judges, members of the public, as well as relatives, colleagues and staff of attorneys, with the closure of an attorney’s practice and finding new counsel, if necessary. Included are resources, as well as sample checklists, court documents, and correspondence. Click here to access the updated web page.

In addition, the page includes an Assumption of Practice: A Custodian’s Guide, which is a tool offering further insight and guidance regarding the process of assuming an attorney’s practice, forms that may be useful in facilitating the process, and contact information of those who can provide assistance. For questions or more information pertaining to custodial proceedings or duties, please contact James Ehler at 210.208.6600, or Timothy Baldwin at 713.758.8200.