February 12, 2016

Austin Bar Preference Poll Results

In a private preference poll, members of the Austin Bar Association and the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association rated 16 candidates in five Travis County races who will appear on the ballot in the March primary. The purpose of the 2016 Austin Bar Preference Poll is to give the general public an opportunity to see how local attorneys evaluate their colleagues in the legal community. The results are strictly the opinions of the individual attorneys returning their ballots and are not intended as an endorsement of any candidate or candidates by either the Austin Bar Association, ACDLA, or any affiliated organization.

Contested judicial races as well as candidates for District Attorney and Sherriff were included in the preference poll. For each race, Austin Bar and ACDLA members were asked to indicate which candidate they believed was best qualified to serve in the position for which he or she was runningMembers did not have to vote in every race. Members cast their votes online through Ballot Box, an online polling system. Of the 3,851 eligible voters, 774 (20 percent) participated in the poll.

Click here for the complete results of the 2016 Austin Bar Preference Poll.