February 16, 2016

Regina Rogoff and Professionalism Award Nominations Due by March 11

The Austin Bar Association is looking for the best and brightest of the Travis County legal community. These attorneys will be honored with the Regina Rogoff Award and the Professionalism Award at the 2016 Law Day Reception, held in lieu of a luncheon, on Tuesday, May 5, from 6 – 8 p.m. on the Terrace at 816 Congress.

The Regina Rogoff Award is given annually to an attorney in Travis County who has shown outstanding service in the public/non-profit sector. The award is meant to be a lasting tribute to the career achievements of Regina Rogoff, who joined Legal Aid in 1973 and held the Executive Director position for 19 years.

Past recipients of the Regina Rogoff Award include Berry Crowley, Betti Balli Torres, Bree Buchanan, Fred Fuchs, Garth Corbett, Rod Nelson, Jeana Lungwitz, Ann Forman, Trish McAllister, Lori Duke, Ann Foster and most recently, David Escamilla.

The Professionalism Award is presented by both the Austin Bar Association and Texas Center for Professionalism. The award honors a lawyer who demonstrates in conduct and character the highest level of personal traits. Recipients of the award are those who lead by example, whose actions others emulate, and who are greatly admired by the Bar.

Past recipients of the Professionalism Award include Chuck Herring, Xavier Medina, Steve Zager, Larry Langley, Mina Brees, Mike McKetta, Claude Ducloux, Tim Sulak, Jeff Jury,

Phil Friday, David Sheppard, Chip Brees, Susan Burton and most recently, Martha Dickie.

Please send nominations by Friday, March 11 to DeLaine Ward at DeLaine@austinbar.org.