February 16, 2016

Registration Open for Texas Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The Texas Access to Justice Foundation offers the 12th Annual Texas Student Loan Repayment Assistance Program to those attorneys who may be eligible.  The deadline for completion of your application is midnight on March 25, 2016

Click here for complete information on eligibility requirements.

  1. Register with the site. (new applicants only)
  2. Current recipients instructions are found on the attached application memo to copy & paste a previous application.
  3. When you receive the e-mail confirming you as a registrant, you can log in at any time.
  4. Review the SLRAP Guidelines and the instructions for each portion of the application carefully.
  5. Please note:  the certifications (law school, employer and lender) MUST be received by this date as well.  Securing these will be the most difficult part of the process so do NOT delay in making these requests.

Please click on these links to determine eligibility:

The Foundation updated to the 2016 SLRAP calendar as follows:

  • Checks will be sent out the first week of March, June, September and December.*
  • The notification date for 2016-2017 SLRAP application is now the first week of May 2016.
  • The new LRAP Quarterly Certification replaces the old Payment Proof Process (instructions are attached to the 2016 SLRAP calendar)

Additionally, as noted in the SLRAP Guidelines (page 4), “Throughout the year, TAJF will verify applicant’s ongoing eligibility. Dates and LRAP Quarterly Certification deadlines are subject to change under the discretion of TAJF staff.” If it is necessary to change any dates during the year, the Foundation will notify recipients as soon as possible.

The following policies remain the same for the 2016-2017 SLRAP term:

  • Quarterly checks are paid in advance and should cover the next three months’ loan payments.  For example, December’s quarterly check covers December, January and February. As such, during LRAP Quarterly Certification deadline on 2/25 recipients would certify the previous three months’ loan payments as paid by December’s quarterly check.
  • The Foundation should be contacted immediately if there are any changes in eligibility pertaining to employment or loan status.
  • Checks will be mailed to work locations only.
  • The law school certification is the only certification that can be re-used in the application (current recipients only).
  • Please see attached SLRAP Guidelines for all policies and procedures of this program.

*For the current SLRAP recipients, the Foundation appreciates your patience with the last two check payments. The check process is a multiple person task, which can take more than one day. As such, the Foundation updated the quarterly check dates to the first week of those months. To ensure quarterly checks are mailed within the first week of those months, the Foundation may occasionally need to change a LRAP Quarterly Certification deadline. This occurred around the Thanksgiving holiday and we greatly appreciate your quick action uploading your Payment Proof early on 11/18.

MANY THANKS to the State Bar of Texas for their financial support over the past several years which kept this program available to all eligible applicants.