April 1, 2016

Community Service Program Back at Austin Animal Center

aac-logoThe Animal Law Section is pleased to report that new management at Austin Animal Center has just reinstated a Community Service Program at Austin Animal Center!

This is part of the City of Austin Municipal Court Community Service Roster for Adults in 2016. Here are the main points of our program:

  • Persons age 17 years or older may now complete court ordered community service hours here at AAC. Please note: TLAC (Town Lake Animal Center location) is not an option at this time.
  • All applicants are screened to determine eligibility.
    • They will be provided instructions and expectations for our workplace.
    • They will be provided training for the areas they will be working in at AAC.
    • They will report to a Unit Lead or Supervisor for direction.
    • They will have an ID badge to be worn at all times.
    • They must be escorted by staff when in secure access areas.
    • The court has issued the main number 512-978-0500 as the general information contact number on their roster.
    • Persons inquiring about participating should be directed to Amanda Wood at 512 -978-0532 for scheduling or Chery Henderson at 512-978-0551 for general questions.
    • There will be three shifts in four hour increments offered daily with two slots per shift.
      • 7-11am
      • 11a-3p
      • 3-7p
  • The type of work available to do:
    • Washing, drying, folding laundry
    • Cleaning dishes
    • Cleaning kongs
    • Cleaning cages on the Truckport
    • Unfolding newspaper
    • Washing windows
    • Other duties as assigned