May 3, 2016

Member Spotlight: Nikki Maples

nikki maplesHow long have you been a member of the Austin Bar and what is your favorite thing about the organization?

I have been a member of the Austin Bar since 2011. My favorite thing about the Austin Bar is the camaraderie of the members. I have served on many committees and the collective energy and enthusiasm about the various events and causes allows lawyers from different areas of law to blend and feel like a larger legal community.

What do you like most about being in the legal field?

Honestly, what I like most about the legal field is helping people. I tried to think of a more creative answer, but the truth is that I find genuine pleasure in helping people through their family law needs. Whether it is a divorce, a modification, child support issues, adoption, etc., all of our clients come to us in a worried state. There is nothing scarier than the unknown and it means a lot to me when I can help ease someone’s stress and answer their questions.

If you weren’t a lawyer what would you be?

If I wasn’t a lawyer, I would likely be involved in the health and wellness field. I am an athlete and I truly love to encourage and motivate people when it comes to a healthier lifestyle. Understanding how to eat, exercise, and balance every day demands is not easy. Some people figure it out pretty quickly while others fumble and struggle with their weight and nutrition. There is a huge misconception that getting healthy requires one to eliminate all the fun and gluttony from their life. It’s just about balance and it’s a constant practice. If I could help others understand ways to make simple adjustments to their life, the result could add years and increase the quality of their life. Not everyone has to be an athlete, but I truly believe everyone has a responsibility to take necessary steps to keep their heart strong and healthy.

What’s the craziest job (other than lawyer) that you’ve had?

I haven’t really had any crazy jobs. I was a cocktail waitress in a honky tonk for awhile, but that’s about as crazy as I’ve been.

If you were a character in a movie or a TV show, which character would you be?

Movie:  Jessica Rabbit (who doesn’t love Ms. Rabbit?)  TV:  Donna Paulsen from Suits (she’s such a badass!)

As part of the #austinbarinaction campaign, how are you making your world a better place to be?

Currently, I am helping 5 women in the Assisted Pro-Se Clinic hosted by VLS. On a monthly basis, I meet with 5 women and walk them through the divorce process, including drafting their forms, filing, service of process, and finalization. I will accompany all 5 women in court to finalize their divorces at the same time. It has been a pleasure getting to know these women and they are extremely grateful. Also, a huge “Thank You” goes to Kathryn McCall who is a volunteer paralegal and has been by my side at every meeting to help these women.