January 31, 2017

Austin Honors Retiring Judges Coronado and Yelenosky

Coronado, JimJudicial Portraits Hung in Courthouse

Farewell receptions hosted by the Austin Bar Association were held for Travis County District Judges Jim Coronado and Stephen Yelenonsky in early December, 2016.  Judge Coronado, a former president of the Austin Bar Association, served the 427th Criminal District Court since 2008 and has served as a judge in various capacities for more than 26 years. He has a long history of community involvement and has been a leader in the local, state and national bar associations.   He has won numerous awards for his commitment to his community and his profession.

Yelonosky and portraitJudge Yelenosky retired from the 345th Civil District Court, where he served since 2005. Prior to his election, Yelenosky worked with Legal Aid of Central Texas and was legal director of Advocacy, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to the rights of the disabled.

Both judges are to be commended for their stellar service to the law, their profession, and the people of Travis County.