April 12, 2017

State Bar and TYLA Election Underway


State Bar and TYLA Election Underway
Take a Few Minutes to Vote 

The State Bar and Texas Young Lawyers Association election for presidents-elect and district directors is underway. Please take time to learn about the candidates and vote! Email ballots and paper ballots were distributed April 3 and voting continues through May 2. It is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Click here to go to the election page and vote.

The State Bar Board of Directors approved Chad Baruch of Dallas and Laura Bellegie Sharp of Austin as candidates for president-elect. Joe K. Longley of Austin was later certified as a petition candidate for president-elect. The winner will serve as president of the State Bar of Texas from June 2018 to June 2019. Information about the candidates can be accessed at the State Bar website or from the election page.

If you have questions, contact Ray Cantu at the State Bar at ray.cantu@texasbar.com or (512) 427-1506.