February 16, 2020

Austin Bar/ACDLA Preference Poll Results

In a private preference poll, members of the Austin Bar Association and the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyers Association rated 16 candidates in seven contested Travis County judicial races, and four candidates in each of the races for District Attorney, County Attorney, and Sheriff, who will appear on the ballot in the March primary. The purpose of the preference poll is to give the general public an opportunity to see how local attorneys evaluate their colleagues in the legal community.

The results are strictly the opinions of the individual attorneys participating in the poll and are not intended as an endorsement of any candidate(s) by either the Austin Bar Association, ACDLA, or any affiliated organization.

For each race, Austin Bar and ACDLA members were asked to indicate which candidate they believed was best qualified to serve in the position for which he or she was running.Members did not have to vote in every race. Members cast their votes through Ballot Box, an online polling system. Of the 3,528 eligible voters, 1008 (28.6%) participated in the poll.

The results, based on the votes of those who participated in the 2020 Austin Bar/ACDLA Preference Poll, are:

 District Attorney:

Martin Harry (R) 5.7% 57
Erin Martinson (D) 8.3% 84
José Garza (D) 14.2% 143
Margaret Moore (D) 53.2% 536
Not Answered 18.7% 188

County Attorney:

Laurie Eiserloh (D) 30.5% 307
Delia Garza (D) 15.4% 155
Mike Denton (D) 26.3% 265
Dominic Selvera (D) 1.0% 10
Not Answered 26.9% 271


Raul Vargas (R) 9.1% 92
John Loughran (D) 2.6% 26
Sally Hernandez (D) 58.6% 591
Liz Donegan (D) 4.7% 47
Not Answered 25.0% 252

Travis County District Judge, 53rd Judicial District:

Kennon Wooten (D) 60.1% 606
Maria Cantú Hexsel (D) 21.6% 218
Not Answered 18.3% 184

Travis County District Judge, 167th Judicial District:        

Dayna Blazey (D) 23.4% 236
David Wahlberg (D) 48.8% 492
Not Answered 27.8% 280

Travis County District Judge, 200th Judicial District:

Maggie Ellis (D) 19.4% 196
Jessica Mangrum (D) 54.5% 549
Not Answered 26.1% 263

Travis County District Judge, 353rd Judicial District:

Tim Sulak (D) 87.0% 877
Madeleine Connor (D) 4.3% 43
Not Answered 8.7% 88

Travis County District Judge, 390th Judicial District:

Julie Kocurek (D) 85.1% 858
Albert Amado (D) 5.0% 50
Not Answered 9.9% 100

Travis County District Judge, 460th Judicial District:                     

Geoffrey Puryear (R) 18.2% 183
Amy Meredith (D) 42.3% 426
Selena Alvarenga (D) 15.0% 151
Not Answered 24.6% 248

Travis County Court at Law No. 4:

Dimple Malhotra (D) 25.5% 257
Margaret Chen Kercher (D) 21.9% 221
Tanisa Jeffers (D) 12.2% 123
Not Answered 40.4% 407