March 20, 2020

Emergency Orders from the Supreme Court of Texas

Click on the links below to view each of the emergency orders issued by the Supreme Court of Texas in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Added April 6, 2020
Ninth Emergency Order extends the fourth emergency order and extends evictions deadline to April 30.

Added April 1, 2020
Eighth Emergency Order delays limitations in civil cases from March 13 until June 1, subject to extension

Added March 27, 2020:
Fifth Emergency Order delaying all deadlines in attorney professional-disciplinary and disability proceedings until May 8.

Sixth Emergency Order ordering certain State Bar elections only by electronic balloting.

Seventh Emergency Order  existing court orders in child-possession cases shall control “in all instances” to determine rights to and access to children, regardless of so-called shelter-in-place mandates or other restriction on movement

Added March 13, 2020:
First Emergency Order  (jointly issued with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals): clears the way for video- and teleconference proceedings and to postpone certain deadlines affecting cases.

Second Emergency Order orders that child-custody schedules following school calendars shall follow the original school schedule as published despite school closings.

Third Emergency Order (amending the first emergency and jointly issued with the Court of Criminal Appeals): establishes court proceedings may be conducted “away from the court’s usual location with reasonable notice and access to the participants and the public,” eliminating the venue limitation to allow a judge assigned to an involuntary-quarantine challenge to preside from afar.

Fourth Emergency Order  addressing hearings, trials and other proceedings and deadlines for residential-property evictions.