June 3, 2020

Statement from the Austin Bar Association

As we are enduring a pandemic that exposes inequity, we are witnessing racism’s poisonous persistence in and beyond our community. When we look back on these times, we will either lament our inaction or assess the work we did to acknowledge, confront, and combat injustice—including racial injustice.

The Austin Bar Association unequivocally condemns racism in all forms. Consistent with our mission, we are committed to enhancing our community through concerted efforts to create a new normal, in which we eliminate injustice and relate as equals across our human differences.

In the words of Austin Bar Past-President Rev. Joseph C. Parker, Jr., “The reason there are visible and vocal protests is that we still have hope. We are protesting because we believe that something can be done.”

It is in this spirit of hope that the Austin Bar pledges to lead our legal community in the pursuit of justice for all people.

Todd Smith                                                                                 Kennon Wooten
Austin Bar  President                                                               Austin Bar President-Elect

To learn more about anti-racism, CLICK HERE for a list of resources