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Friday, July 30 | 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Travis County Model Court: Juvenile Law Basics for the CPS Attorney

Description: This CLE will provide an overview of the juvenile justice system, juvenile law, and how the law is applied on an individual level, specific for child welfare attorneys. Juvenile justice laws in Texas are a unique hybrid of civil and criminal laws. Juveniles benefit from heightened criminal-law protections the US Constitution, statutes, and case law afford them. At the same time, juvenile cases are viewed through a best interest civil standard that allows professionals in the judicial system flexibility in determining appropriate outcomes based on the individual needs and circumstances of each child. This session provides an overview of the juvenile justice system, juvenile law, and how the law is applied on an individual level and is geared towards the child welfare attorney who may experience aspects of the juvenile justice system when representing children or parents in CPS cases.

Credits: 1 hour CLE


  • Maggie Ellis, Travis County Juvenile Probation Department
    Maggie is part of NACC, a Child Welfare Law Specialist and is TBLS Board Certified. She survived a childhood marked by transience, homelessness, abuse, neglect, educational deprivation, and child sex exploitation. She is the only one of her eight siblings to graduate from college, and she became an attorney to help improve the lives of children and families in the courtroom and in the community. She is the first woman in Texas to be both nationally certified in child welfare law and specialized in juvenile law, and her work is focused on helping children who are dually involved in the child welfare and juvenile systems. She has been recognized and awarded for her work advocating for vulnerable populations.

Fees: Free

Registration: Click here to register – please register before July 28th.

Questions? Contact Tammy Jitnoom – Model Court Coordinator


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