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legal education projects

Leapholes Curriculum

Developed by the American Bar Association in conjunction with best-selling author James Grippando, this curriculum is based on Grippando’s book, Leapholes. The book is aimed at pre-teens and combines time travel with real cases that set precedents throughout history. Attorneys speak at participating schools to discuss the concepts and trials introduced in the book, Leapholes.

Pick Me! A Jury of My Peers

A three-day curriculum developed with AISD, the Pick Me! program takes high school students through the history of juries, a mock voir dire, and a video trial. Attorney and judge volunteers conduct a mock voir dire with students followed by a discussion on why particular students were chosen or not selected. On the third day, students watch a trial on video and the student jury weighs the evidence and renders a verdict. Everyone who wasn’t chosen for the jury is considered the “shadow” jury and also pronounces their verdict.

The Pick Me! program provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn the importance of juries in our justice system and why it is so important to respond to jury summons.

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