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Lawyer Well-Being

The Austin Bar’s Lawyer Well-Being Committee has compiled these resources in an effort to educate, support, and connect our legal community to achieve more balanced, mindful, and joyful lives and practices.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (For the Workplace and Beyond) from Austin Bar Association on Vimeo. See below resources:

Other resources:
Free guided mediations by Sanieh Morgan on Soundcloud.
Headspace (free 7-day trial)
Calm app (free with an option for purchase
Box Breathing video

assistance programs

Explore the assistance programs we have to offer our lawyers.

Justice Mack Kidd Fund

The Justice Mack Kidd Fund provides financial assistance for counseling and medical treatment on a short-term basis for Austin attorneys and UT Law Students suffering from depression or related illness. The fund resides under the umbrella of the Austin Bar Foundation in cooperation with the Austin Bar Association and Texas Lawyers’ Assistance Program in the State Bar of Texas.

CLICK HERE for more information on the fund and how to apply.

CLICK HERE to donate to the Justice Mack Kidd Fund.

PCAP Assistance Program

CAP was created in 1996 to support Austin-area attorneys who face an immediate need for temporary financial or practice assistance due to a personal crisis. The objective of this program, funded by the Austin Young Lawyers Association Foundation, is to serve as a protection for lawyers and their clients when personal emergencies harm a lawyer’s practice. PCAP is available to attorneys who work or reside in Travis County.

PCAP includes two levels of short-term assistance for lawyers in crisis:

  • Financial – PCAP provides limited grant funds of up to $1,500 to assist an attorney who is unable to fulfill certain practice-related financial obligations due to a personal crisis.
  • Practice-Related – Attorney volunteers agree to handle professional matters for the affected lawyer during the crises.

To apply confidentially for financial or practice assistance, please contact Debbie Kelly at 512.472.0279, x105 or by email at


A website that aims to guide professionals seeking help for mental health and substance abuse problems. It includes a national and local directory of inpatient treatment options. Mental health professionals have also personally written more than 1,500 responses to questions from the site’s advice column.


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