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Professionalism Award Past Winners

Professionalism Award Winners

Presented jointly by the Austin Bar Association and the Texas Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism

The recipient of the Award will be that lawyer selected at the local level who best exemplifies, by conduct and character, truly professional traits, who others in the bar seek to emulate, and who all in the bar admire. Those selected for the award will truly be “role models” for the bar, particularly younger or less experienced lawyers. Those selected will be lawyers who are respected by their peers and make all their peers proud of the profession.

2000 –Chuck Herring
2001 – Xavier Medina
2002 –Steve Zager
2003 –Tom Watkins
2004 – Larry Langley*
2005 – Mina Brees*
2006 – Mike McKetta
2007 – Claude Ducloux
2008 – Tim Sulak
2009 –Jeff Jury
2010 –Phil Friday
2011- David Sheppard
2012 –Chip Brees
2013 –Senator Kirk Watson
2014 – Susan Burton
2015 – Martha Dickie
2016 – Jim McCormack
2017 – David Gonzalez
2018 – Patrick Keel
2019 – Judge Bea Ann Smith (ret.)


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